Drowning in Milk - Paul Alward - Medium

Got milk? Plenty, and dairy farmers are drowning in it. Current conditions are killing thousands of small dairies across the country. They struggle to stay afloat, but eventually succumb to the market pressures created by increasingly larger and larger dairies. There's a new normal in size, and it's forcing smaller farmers out of business.

Why The Farm Bill Should Matter To You - Paul Alward - Medium

The Farm Bill may seem distant and irrelevant to you, but most likely the last thing you ate was affected by it, as were the meals of the one out of every eight Americans who receive some form of Federal food assistance.

Recall Roulette - Paul Alward - Medium

A recent headline read "Nearly 207 million eggs from a farm in North Carolina are being recalled." If you saw this headline your response was most likely "Wow, that sounds like a lot of eggs."

Trade Wars & Sunshine - Noteworthy - The Journal Blog

Keep on the sunny side of life It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way, If we keep on the sunny side of life..." In 1928 The Carter Family recorded a version of the song Keep on the Sunny Side during one of their famous recording sessions in Bristol TN, and it helped cement country music's arrival.

To Beef, or not to Beef, that is the Question (Act 1)

To beef, or not to beef, that seems to be the question. In the recent debate about beef and it's impact on the environment there are two views. There are those who view cattle as greenhouse-gas belching planet destroyers, while others depict them as benevolent carbon sequestration machines.

De-commoditize Your Food - Paul Alward - Medium

When I was still farming full time, I was struck by a line from Warren Buffet's biography The Snowball. It read "No one goes to the supermarket to buy Howie Buffett's corn." He was explaining why the farm he purchased for his son was a poor investment. I was incensed.

Distributor...the eleven letter word - Paul Alward - Medium

Living systems need energy. The food system is a living system, and distribution provides much of that energy. The food system is composed of living beings, like farmers and livestock. They create organic compounds, through knowledge, labor, and biological reproduction to provide nourishment for other living beings.

A Hard Frost - Paul Alward - Medium

We recently had our first hard frost of the season. It arrived with all its season ending finality, rendering most of the field vegetables we work with dead. Once the acute, but fleeting disappointment, which accompanies the loss had abated, I realized I was already looking forward to next season.

The number one reason Thanksgiving is the perfect local food holiday?

The number one reason Thanksgiving is the perfect local food holiday? It's the Turkey. (You should have seen that coming). Besides the 4th of July, what holiday is more American than Thanksgiving? The turkey may have lost the contest to be the national bird, but Ben Franklin's favorite won the avian conciliatory prize of center plate and center stage on Thanksgiving.